You may not have to wait much longer for Apple’s AR/VR headsets, says the report.

Apple’s AR/VR headset will debut at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, starting on June 5th. Taiwan Economic Daily Foxconn subsidiary GIS said Apple was in a “sprint phase” (translation) and that its Reality Pro headsets could also go on sale this summer.

The previously reported report digital trendsIt suggests that the headset could be released “just a few weeks” after WWDC 2023 kicks off.

After years of rumors, it looks like Apple’s AR/VR headset will finally be unveiled at WWDC. the headset Released with tons of features According to Bloomberg’s Sunday report, Apple is trying to entice users to use their latest products.

For now, the rumored lineup of features seems focused on everyday people versus a more niche consumer demographic.

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Apple’s headset, which can cost around $3,000, is reportedly capable of running existing iPad apps like Books, Camera, Contacts, Freeform, and Mail with little to no extra work. According to Bloomberg, it also works with “hundreds of thousands” of third-party iPad apps. You can also watch live sports, news and videos in an immersive environment.

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The headsets that will join the market, which includes the PlayStation VR 2 and Meta Quest 3, will reportedly focus heavily on gaming, which could mean different platforms. Apple Arcade stratagem. Also expected are wellness apps with meditation and calming sounds. You can also access fitness services that allow you to exercise while wearing the headset.

The device will also reportedly include an external battery that users can put in their pockets and attach magnetically with a cable. The headset also has a USB-C connector for data transfer.

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AR/VR headsets will reportedly include advanced video conferencing features for interactive digital conferencing. According to Bloomberg, you can also use the Freeform app’s collaboration tools to enhance your meetings.

It is also known that there is a way to connect the headset to a Mac to use as an external monitor. And there will be a variety of ways to operate the headset via hand-eye controls, Siri and other Apple devices, the report said.

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CNET has reached out to Apple for comment. We will update this story when we hear back.

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