Xbox has a new wireless controller made from recycled parts.

Water jugs, play CDs and old game parts: Xbox says you can get your hands on it if you order the new Remix Special Edition, a wireless controller announced ahead of Earth Day later this month.

in tuesday post Xbox said it’s releasing a new version of the controller that’s made partially from recycled elements, with a third “reground” (made from “previously molded colored parts” from old Xbox One controllers) and recycled materials (consumer parts of the item). , like a water bottle).

The mix of materials used will give each controller “its own look and feel,” Xbox said. Pictures and videos of the new controller show an army green color with a bright green Xbox button. The Microsoft-owned brand, based near Seattle, said the special edition controller’s color scheme was “inspired by the lichens found in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.”

Xbox is also including the Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack with the new controllers that offer up to 30 hours of battery life.

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when you can get one

The price of the remix special edition is $85, Pre-order available It will be released on April 18th. Xbox says you get free shipping and “hassle-free” returns when you place an order. Directly from the Microsoft Store.

Does it actually reduce waste?

special edition controller continuous effort Explore “How to Use Less New Plastic and Reduce Waste” on Xbox. polygonally reportHowever, reducing consumption rather than buying new devices may be a better sustainability endeavor.

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