Worldle game is a Wordle spin-off puzzle

Screenshot of Worldle game.

It’s no surprise that Wordle’s burgeoning popularity has spawned several spin-offs.

The Latest Version of Wordle: A Game Inspired by Geography worldleHere, players must guess the correct country or region.

In Wordle, players get 6 chances to guess a 5-letter word correctly. Each time you guess, the color of the letter changes to show how well you guessed the word.

Green letters mean they are in the right place with the word. The yellow letters are in the word but in the wrong place and the gray letters are not found in the word.

For Worldle, players are shown silhouettes of countries or regions. Like Wordle, players have 6 chances to guess correctly.

Does it cost money to play WORDLE? What you need to know about the game after buying it from The New York Times.

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After each incorrect guess, the player will see a series of green and yellow boxes pop up with the distance in kilometers indicating how close they are to the correct location. The more green boxes you have, the closer you are.

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Like Wordle, this game allows you to share your progress. Athletes flocked to social media such as Twitter to share their results with the hashtag #Worldle.

A Twitter user with the handle @GoodTimeCC joked, “Shame on you for guessing Italy knowing it was shaped like a boot.”

Wordle emerged as one of the hit games of the year. On January 31st, The New York Times confirmed the acquisition of Wordle for a “low seven figure” price.

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