Wordle’s two answers? these are the times

If you’ve played Wordle long enough, you’ve probably come across scenarios where the game’s daily puzzles have two answers.

It’s happened twice this week.

The New York Times confirmed Tuesday that Wordle 325’s solution featured two different words per day after players faced a similar scenario due to a “major recent news event.”

Since the New York Times announced the acquisition of Wordle following the rapid growth of the game, several changes have been made, mainly focused on five-letter words that players must guess correctly.

In some cases, the original Wordle answer was updated with a different wording, which puzzled many players.

If Wordle gives more than one correct answer:

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Illustration of the word game Wordle on a smartphone.

Agora and Aroma

In February of the same month, The New York Times reported on Wordle, Players were given “Agora” and “Aroma”. with the correct answer.

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Newspaper on CNN it removed the word It may be too difficult, rude or aggressive. Words like “agora” or “wench” are not marked as solutions, but players can still enter these words as potential guesses.

Stove and Harry

In March, most players correctly guessed Wordle’s “stove” on March 30th. However, some players chose “harry” correctly as well.

Before asking why Wordle uses a person’s name as an answer, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “dissociation” as “to plunder or make a destructive raid” or “to move by force by harassing”.

The answer was changed by The New York Times in an effort to remove vague or insensitive words from the game.

fetus and shine

On Monday, most Wordle players reported getting “shine” as the correct answer, while a handful of other players correctly guessed “fetus”. The New York Times said in a statement that it had changed its answer, saying it was “closely related to a recent major news event.”

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Last week, a draft of the Supreme Court’s opinion was leaked, leading the judges to pass the groundbreaking abortion ruling, Roe v. suggested that it might turn Wade over.

“This is a completely unintended coincidence. Today’s original answer was loaded into Wordle last year,” said The New York Times Games.

Butch and Gecko

Tuesday felt like déjà vu for several players after the New York Times confirmed that there were once again two answers for Wordle. Some players guessed “butch” correctly, but others who refreshed the game chose “gecko” as the correct answer.

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