Wordle Variant Hedle challenges music lovers to guess the song.

Screenshot of the Wordle spin-off Heardle.

The latest variation of the popular game Wordle can be music to your ears.

hurdle It puts a spin on Wordle by having players guess the song in 6 tries.

Players are shown the song’s intro broken into six separate segments. The first two parts play one second of the song. The segments get longer as you progress.

The player can then select one of the listed song titles or skip to the next segment for another audio clue.

Like Wordle, players can share their results on social media detailing how many times they tried to guess the correct song.

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Wordle skyrocketed in popularity at the beginning of the year as players flocked to the website daily to guess the mysterious five-letter word in six attempts, then post their results on social media. The game was very popular and was acquired by The New York Times.

highlights  Worldle game is a Wordle spin-off puzzle

The game has spawned several spin-offs, including geography-themed Worldle and Quordle, where players must solve four Wordle puzzles in one run.

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