White House backs Senate bill on power to ban TikTok

On Tuesday White House-backed legislation was presented in the Senate in view of national security, in which the administration has to be given the power to ban Chinese-owned video app Tik-Tok and similar mobile apps.

Senate Support:

This bill was supported by many lawmakers. This bill also covers the Chinese company ByteDance which is used by more than 100 million Americans.

Political Parties views:

Democratic Party Senator Mark Warner, chairman of the Intelligence Committee, said that “the bill would give the Department of Commerce the ability to ban TikTok and other technologies that pose a risk to national security.” The same would apply to foreign technologies from Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba.

The bill would require Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo guidance on identifying and countering foreign threats to information and communications technology products and services.


Senators who introduced the legislation, led by Warner and Republican John Thune, included Democrats Tammy Baldwin, Joe Manchin, Michael Bennett, Kirsten Gillibrand and Martin Heinrich, as well as Republicans Deb Fischer, Jerry Moran, Dan Sullivan, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney. Are.

Warner said that “it is important that the government does more to clarify what it believes are national security risks from TikTok.” Warner also said that, “in terms of how it is a threat We are going to have to rely on the government to take our stand.”

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo:

In a separate statement, Raimondo said she “welcomes this legislative framework to address these threats and protect Americans’ safety and national security” and calls on senators to “advance this legislation through Congress.” Vow to work together.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee last week voted with the party on a bill sponsored by Republican Representative Michael McCaul, after courts blocked President Donald Trump’s efforts to ban TikTok and the Chinese messaging app WeChat in 2020. Biden was given the power to ban TikTok.

The US government’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a powerful national security body, in 2020 unanimously recommended ByteDance divest TikTok because of fears that user data could be passed on to China’s government.

TiKToK statment:

TikTok and CFIUS have been in talks for over two years over data protection requirements. TikTok said it has spent more than $1.5 billion on rigorous data protection efforts and rejects the spying allegations.

“The fastest and most thorough way to address any national security concerns about TikTok is for CFIUS to adopt the proposed settlement, which we worked with them on for nearly two years,” TikTok said Tuesday.

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