Where to find Sage’s Wills in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

New in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are sages who act as companions that help you throughout the game. These sages offer different abilities, each with their own unique benefits. These Sage abilities can actually be upgraded using Sage’s Wills and in this guide we’ll show you how these items work and how to find them in The tears of the kingdom.

What are sage testaments?

Sage's Will in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Testaments of Sages are upgrade materials used to strengthen your bond with Sages in The tears of the kingdom. Once you find them, you can use four sages’ wills to upgrade the power and effectiveness of one of the game’s five sages.

The five sages are as follows:

  • Yunobo, Sage of Fire
  • Riju, Sage of Lightning
  • Tulin, Sage of the Wind
  • Sidon, The Story of the Waters
  • The Fifth Sage (Spoilers)
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Note that the fifth Sage is a spoiler and is part of a somewhat difficult quest found later in the game. We won’t spoil it here though, but suffice it to say, we recommend unlocking this Sage.

Once you’ve found four sages’ testaments, take them to one of the game’s goddess statues and use them to upgrade one of the sages. Pray at the goddess statue and you can choose which sage to upgrade. Remember that each Sage requires four Sage Wills to be upgraded. You can upgrade any Sage at any time, so we recommend choosing the one you like using the most. We’re partial to Yunobo as its ability is powerful, allowing you to throw a fireball at your enemies with high damage.

How to find Sage’s will

Link next to Sage in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

But where do you actually find the Sage’s Testament? So far, about 20 have been discovered, and you can find them in the sky, around the islands above. Like the Korok Seeds, each Sage’s Testament has a puzzle attached to it, and you’ll need to solve it to acquire the item. They are scattered around the archipelago, so be sure to look around and be thorough as you explore.

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One thing to note is that – assuming there are only 20 Sage Wills – you will only be able to upgrade each of the Sage’s abilities once. Although the attack power boost you get from one upgrade is noticeable, so it’s definitely worth finding as many Sage’s Wills as you can to make some of the late game fights easier.

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