Lady Gaga had no  makeup, Red carpet,  and surprise  performance in the  OSCAR ceremony.

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Lady Gaga  had  performance  of  “Hold My Hand,”  the Oscar-nominated song 

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Lady Gaga, who sported a faded black T-shirt and ripped jeans on stage introduced her song as  nominee "Top Gun: Maverick"; 

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The audience applauded  her with a standing  ovation at end of  the song,

She shared a  message, "It's deeply personal for me, and I think that we all need each other."

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Gaga is the first artist  to receive three  nominations in the best original song category 

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FShe appeared first on-stage debut in 2015, delivered a medley  of four songs 

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in February 2011, Gaga’s released song "Born This Way", made a record and sold more than one million copies within five days, 


Gaga earned name  and fame as  the "Queen of Pop"  in 2011 

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As of 2022, she has  grossed more than  $689.5 million in  revenue from concert  tours. 

Lady Gaga formed a band called the SG-Band with some friends from NYUt

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