Walmart’s hottest TV deal is a 55-inch QLED TV under $400

Vizio M-Series Quantum 6 Smart TV in living room with media on.

The TV pixel war is back with this deal. OLED or QLED? It’s ultimately up to you to decide, but Walmart is betting on a QLED that will capture your heart. You see, at Walmart, the 55-inch version of the Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV is on sale for $50 off. It’s gone from $448 to $398 as part of this limited-time sale. We see great Walmart deals all the time, so what makes this one special? We’ll explain it in more detail below, but for now, hit the button below and take a look at the Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV for yourself.

That’s why you should buy the Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV

Before we jump into the QLED vs OLED debate, let’s take a moment to appreciate the features – both common and rare – that make the Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV pop. It is a 4K TV with UHD resolution and a relatively average refresh rate of 60Hz. For audio, you will get relatively seamless integration of Vizio soundbars or have the oddly rare (and super family-friendly) ability to connect via Bluetooth to your best headphones. You have access to lots of voice commands, either via the Vizio voice remote control or your favorite voice assistant from Alexa, Apple Home or Google Home. There’s even a free TV option with over 250 channels and 6k+ on demand titles so you can start watching right away.

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But what about the view? It all depends on your preferences. We’ve praised the best OLED TVs for their rich blacks. Like a digital octopus, these TVs can go completely black when the scene calls for it. On the other hand, the best QLED TVs have a longer lifespan and more vibrant, happy colors. And the direct comparison of QLED vs OLED TV? OLED reigns supreme if you have a lot of control over the lighting in your room, but QLEDs (and by extension the Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV) are the better all-rounders. For these reasons – not to mention the Bluetooth connection – the Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV is a great TV for your young family with a TV in your happy, sunny living room.

Ready to buy? Press the button below to go to Walmart. Remember, you’ll be able to get the Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV for $398 for a limited time only. Walmart’s limited-time rollback sale cuts $50 off the TV’s typical $448 cost. Not your style? See the best TV deals we’ve rounded up recently and compare.

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