Walmart just dropped this 75-inch 4K TV under $500

Has your TV made you feel cramped lately? Would you like to get more of the cinema experience at home without breaking the bank? Walmart has some great TV deals for you. For example, this 75-inch 4K Roku TV is down to just $498 from its usual $578. It’s a massive screen at a minimal price. If our napkin math is right, that’s a 75-inch TV for the price of about 33 movie tickets. Save some money in the long run by upgrading your home theater.

Why you should buy Onn. 75 inch 4K Roku TV

Onn. may not be one of them top TV brands, but that doesn’t stop it from being tempting for those keeping costs down. Much of that temptation will be thanks to the massive 75-inch screen involved. It’s hard not to be impressed by being able to buy a 75-inch TV for so little. While the TV may lack some extra features that you might see on the best TVs, it still has the essentials. Notably, it’s a bezel-less TV, so it takes up a lot less space than you might expect from such a large panel.

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The Onn. The 75-inch 4K Roku TV also has Roku smart TV built-in. It makes it easy to stream over 500,000 movies and TV episodes across thousands of different free and paid channels. These include your favorites like Disney Plus, Netflix and Hulu along with many others. A customizable home screen means you can quickly transform the experience to exactly how you want it to look, saving you the hassle of digging around to find your shows. There’s also the Roku mobile app you can use instead of the remote, with voice control also available through the service. The Onn. The 75-inch 4K Roku TV also works with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so there’s plenty of functionality behind the scenes here. Finally, three HDMI ports mean you can hook up all your game consoles, Blu-ray players and more with ease.

Simple but pretty good for anyone focused on having a big TV without spending a fortune, Onn. The 75-inch 4K Roku TV is down to $498 at Walmart. Normally priced at $578, save $80 on this already great TV. It’s proving popular and we don’t know how long this price will last, so hit the buy now button if it appeals.

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