Walmart has a 55-inch QLED 4K TV under $400 this weekend

Vizio 2023 M series TV hanging on a wall.

If you’re not familiar with Vizio, they’re a brand that focuses on budget-oriented TVs at the lower end of the market, but over the past few years they’ve been slowly creeping into the high-end market as well. Take the Vizio M6 series; not only is it a great 55-inch TV with a lot of features under the hood, but you can also get it for just $398 at Walmart, instead of its usual $448. That means you can upgrade your home theater experience for less than $400, which is quite a steal.

That’s why you should buy the Vizio 55-inch M6 series

What’s impressive about the M6 ​​series is that you get one QLED panel for under $400, which means you get excellent color reproduction and range. QLED is also very useful with HDR, and the M6 ​​series supports HDR 10+ as well as HLG, the latter of which is used by most sports broadcasters, so if you love watching sports. It also has Dynamic Motion Rate 120, an image smoothing technology meant to recreate a 120 refresh rate, although it can be hit and miss depending on what kind of content you’re watching. Refresh rate also plays a role, and thankfully the M6 ​​series comes with a V-Gaming Engine, which reduces input lag and response rate while enabling variable refresh rates through AMD Freesync.

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In terms of convenience, the M6 ​​series has plenty of that too, with integrations into both the Apple and Android ecosystems, so you can cast directly to the TV or use the TV as a hub for your home ecosystem. The remote also includes a microphone to make navigation easier, a feature we always appreciate. As for your older non-4k content, you can still enjoy it with the IQ Active Processor, which can upscale things to 4k, although be aware that results will vary depending on the source material. Finally, Vizio is throwing in their Watch Free+, a free but ad-supported cable TV service with hundreds of channels to choose from.

Overall, the Vizio 55-inch M6 series is an excellent choice if you want a large 4k TV but don’t want to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars going after better-known brands like Samsung and LG. With Walmart’s deal bringing it down to just $398, it’s quite a steal given its features. Even so, it’s still worth checking out some other TV deals to assess your options and what works best for your budget.

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