Today’s best buy offer: An 8K TV for less than you’d think

A Samsung 85-inch 8K hangs on a living room wall.

While there isn’t much, if any, 8k content floating around, the resolution still has its uses, especially when you’re talking about larger screens where pixel density drops quickly as the screen gets bigger. For example, this 65-inch 8k TV from Samsung is probably at the limit where pixel density starts to be an issue, with larger screens above that definitely having a problem. Of course, 8k doesn’t come cheap, and while it’ll still cost you over $1,000, this deal from Best Buy brings the Samsung QN800 down to $1,600 from its usual $2,700.

That’s why you should buy the Samsung 65-inch QN800 8K TV

This may surprise you, but the Samsung QN800 comes in second on our list best 8k TVs, beaten only by Samsung’s high-end QN900, giving you some of the best features on the market. For example, if you are concerned about viewing content in 8k resolution, the QN800 comes with a neural quantum processor that can upscale most content up to 8k, although the result will vary greatly depending on the source resolution, with lower resolutions such as like HD, not upscaling as well. Of course, it’s also a QLED TV, so it has much richer colors and better color reproduction and clarity than typical screens. Since this is Samsung’s own technology, the implementation is fantastic.

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It also comes with the other standard stuff you’d expect, such as Dolby Atmos and a variety of HDR support, including HDR 10+ and HLG, the latter of which sports broadcasts use, and is great if you love watching sports. That said, it doesn’t have Dolby Vision support, which is unfortunate, and the speakers aren’t great, so you’ll probably want to grab one of these soundbar offerings to help supplement the sound. Still, it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, especially if you already have your own sound system at home or don’t care about Dolby Vision.

All in all, while the QN800 is still expensive, it’s an excellent 8k TV at a reasonable price given the deal from Best Buy that brings it down to $1,600 from $2,700, and you can even get larger sizes at a discount, like the 75- inch version, which costs s $2,500 instead of $3,800. Still, it’s worth checking out some other TV deals for alternatives, and it might even save you some money if you find something that suits you better.

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