‘Texture’, or Sexy Texture, Is the Secret to Amazing Hair: Here’s How to Get the Look

Before you blast your hair with dry shampoo, know there’s a better way to create punch in your hair: sexture.

Sexture, a portmanteau of “sexy texture,” is the mussy move that hair pros swear to create the most incredible sultry styles. Ask any hair expert and they’ll tell you how important it is to get the right texture to finish any look and set the tone for your outfit. This can mean smoothing out the strands for something sleeker or teasing your texture for something a little sexier.

Sleek locks have been in the news for a while, with liquid hair, silk presses and slicked-back blow-drys getting a lot of attention. But now there’s definitely a mood for something a little more loose, undone and unbuttoned, which works whether you’re heading to a smart event. Or relaxed.

“Effortless, sexy texture goes with everything,” says the celebrity hairstylist and Amika global art director Naeemah Lafond. “It can be the glue that brings an entire look together and can also be the softness that softens a formal ensemble and gives it a bit of freshness.

Sounds good, right? We are all invited too. “The sexy undone texture works for all hair types, from coils and curls to finer, straighter locks,” Lafond says. “In all textures, it delivers the same message: cool and chic. The only significant point of difference is the execution.

This is because getting sex is often easier said than done. “Sometimes undone texture is the trickiest to get right,” celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton said alongside a snap of one of her high-profile clients, Kim Kardashian. “My advice is not to overwork the hair. Sometimes less is more.

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