Texas Gov. Abbott endorses Trump for reelection

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday announced his endorsement of former President Donald Trump at an event honoring service members stationed at the border.

“We need a president who’s going to restore world peace as opposed to this outbreak of warfare under Joe Biden,” Mr. Abbott said. “We need Donald J. Trump back as our president of the United States of America.”

Mr. Trump stopped by the border town of Edinburg to receive the Republican governor’s endorsement and serve meals to Texas National Guard soldiers, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and others who will work the border over Thanksgiving.

“We need a president who’s going to secure the border,” Mr Abbott said in his endorsement. “We need a president who’s going to restore law and order in the United States of America — not letting these criminals run ransack over the stores that you see images of almost nightly.”

Mr. Abbott said President Biden‘s border policies cause a “potential terror threat” to the country.

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“A president has one ultimate responsibility and that’s national security. Joe Biden has failed at national security. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is no way, no way that America can continue under the leadership of Joe Biden as our president,” he said.

Mr. Trump said in his speech that he was honored by the endorsement. The former president backed Mr. Abbott‘s reelection run in 2022.

“This meant a lot to me,” Mr. Trump said. “You’re not going to have to worry about the border anymore, governor. … You’re not going to have to worry about the border in Texas or Arizona or anywhere else.”

The former president remains the front-runner for the Republican nomination, outperforming all of his GOP opponents in the polls and sometimes beating out Mr. Biden.

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