‘Ted Lasso’ Actor Phil Dunster Reflects on Season Finale, Possible Spinoff

Ted Lasso’s Phil Dunster in the season 3 finale

Actor Phil Dunster Talks About Playing Jamie Tartt On The Hit Show ‘Ted Lasso’ And The Season 3 Finale


Phil Dunster, known for his portrayal of Jamie Tartt on the hit Apple TV+ show “Ted Lasso,” said
“CBS Mornings” is ripe for the possibility of a “Ted Lasso” spin-off or continuation, if the creators are willing to do so.

With the season finale leaving the door open for a possible sequel, Dunster expressed confidence in the creators’ vision and stressed the importance of upholding the show’s core values.

“I’m sure if we did something else it would be with integrity, but yeah, no, I’d be willing to do it,” Dunster said.

Reflecting on the emotional journey of the season three finale, Dunster shared the sentiment felt by the entire cast and crew.

“It was kind of a pretty monumental thing for us, in our careers, in our lives and everyone’s lives changed a little bit during that period. But to a large degree, the cast and crew were all the same. From start to finish,” Dunster said. . “But being there in the locker room, that same locker room that we were in the first season, it was sad, there was a lot of crying.”

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This candid revelation, Dunster said, highlights the power of “Ted Lasso” to deeply touch audiences and the complexities of the evolution of certain characters, including his own.

“If it was just a really linear story or some sort of character arc, it would be pretty boring… You’d want to feel like it’s realistic for us. It’s not as simple as saying, ‘I learned my lesson and then put it into practice.’ Everything is better now. You learn the lesson you try, you may fail, but you try again after that, so it’s a very satisfying story,” Dunster said.

“Nobody really knows if it’s the end of the show or not. We don’t know, we just don’t know, but it’s certainly the end of the chapter,” he added.

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