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A teacher who was repeatedly shocked with a Taser by Los Angeles police died of an enlarged heart and cocaine use, according to the autopsy report released Friday.

The January 3 death of 31-year-old Keenan Darnell Anderson sparked protests over the use of force by the Los Angeles police. It was one of three fatal LAPD confrontations, including two shootings, that took place days into the new year.

Anderson’s manner of death was not determined, but the cause was listed as “effects of cardiomyopathy and cocaine use” and his death was “determined hours after restraint and use of energy devices,” according to the court report. coroner’s report.

Anderson family attorney Carl Douglas had no immediate comment.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said her thoughts were with Anderson’s friends and family “as I know, the release of this report will cause them and many Angelenos great pain as they still grieve this loss.”

“The coroner raises questions that still need to be answered and I look forward to the outcome of the investigation that is already underway,” the Democrat said in a statement.

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Anderson was a high school English teacher in Washington DC and the cousin of a Black Lives Matter co-founder, Patrisse Cullors.

He was visiting family when he was arrested on suspicion of causing a traffic accident in the Venice area, police said. An officer found Anderson “running in the middle of the street and exhibiting erratic behavior,” according to an official account.

Anderson initially complied with the officers but then left, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said. Police chased Anderson and tasered him at least six times when he resisted arrest, police said.

“They’re treating me like George Floyd,” Anderson said when an officer threatened to use a stun gun, which was repeatedly deployed seconds later as Anderson was face down on the pavement calling for help, saying, “I’m not resisting. ”

Anderson yelled for help after officers pinned him down on the street and repeatedly electrocuted him, according to police body camera footage. The footage also showed an officer pressing his forearm onto Anderson’s chest and an elbow into his neck.

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“They’re trying to kill me,” Anderson yelled.

Anderson went into cardiac arrest and died at a hospital about four hours later.

His relatives have filed a $50 million claim with the city, a legal requirement before filing a lawsuit. The claim alleges that the officers used deadly force without reason, failed to follow training, and filed false police reports.

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