Tamagotchi cheat? Niantic game Peridot brings ‘companion animals’ to life with AR

Peridot, a video game from the maker of Pokémon Go, is using AR to bring audiences of all ages to life. Niantic On May 9, we officially released the game, making it available for download on both locations. Google Play and App Store.

Inspired by popular pet games and early games from the late 90’s. Tamagotchi and Neopets, the app allows users to “hatch” creatures and watch them explore the world around them. Unlike Tamagotchi, pet sims do not die and will keep their owners company for how long.

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Players receive 3 eggs at the start of the game. Choose one and a “Peridot” or “Dot” will hatch. Each “dot” is completely unique. In fact, the team behind the game did the math and determined that the number of possible pet Sims is as large as the number of stars in the universe.

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Users can then watch their little creatures mature before becoming adults and eventually freezing. Players holding their phones will see ‘dots’ exploring the surroundings they share, whether it’s a busy city sidewalk or a cluttered living room.

“In our chaotic world, these creatures bring joy, whimsy and comfort to our lives. The clutter minus the joy of owning a real pet,” Peridot Director of Production Ziah Fogel said in a press release.

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