SteelSeries Arctis Nova 4, 4X, 4P Wireless Gaming Headset Update for PC and Console Entry Level

A lighter, more feature-packed version of the $180 Arctis Nova 7 line, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 4 wireless model fills out the company’s offerings for an improved generation of gaming headsets. In this case, it replaces the popular entry-level wireless Arctis 1 model with a trio of equivalents targeting PCs and consoles.

All 3 Arctis Nova 4 headsets — 4X for xbox4P for PS4 and PS5 4 for PC — available for $120 starting May 20th. 4X and 4P will initially only be available on GameStop. 4 is sold only through Amazon.

In general, Xbox models will work on all platforms, but PlayStation and PC models will work on all platforms except Xbox (USB support licensing issues). They are all phones, tablets, meta quest 2 handheld consoles such as switch. The 4X also has an on-earcup chat/mix dial. One big difference between the 4 and 7 is that the 4 series doesn’t have Bluetooth, which makes them much lighter. 11.5 oz vs. 9.2 oz. (325g vs 262g). It also cuts costs.

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However, they have essentially the same battery life along with a similar design and components. For surround sound, you’ll need to run SteelSeries Sonar software, which offers mic noise cancellation, parametric equalizer, and more, but the PS5 also supports Windows Sonic and Tempest 3D audio for headphones.

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