Stars captain Ben sent off in first period after being cross-checked

DALLAS — The Dallas Stars got off to a dismal start to Tuesday night’s Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, already losing 2-0 in the series against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Captain Jamie Benn was sent off after a cross-check to the neck of Knights captain Mark Stone just 1 minute and 53 seconds into the game.

With just 1 minute and 11 seconds into the game, Jonathan Marcheseau’s goal gave the Golden Knights a 1-0 lead before Benn slammed Stone into the ice with a check. With Stone on her back, Ben drives the stick into Stone’s neck.

Officials on the ice issued a cross-check penalty to the Stars winger. They reviewed the play and decided that the decision was correct.

According to NHL Rule 59, a cross-check match penalty may be imposed if the referee determines that a player “attempted to injure or intentionally injure an opponent by cross-checking”.

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Ben is eligible for additional discipline from the NHL’s player safety department. George Palos, the league’s director of player safety, also attended the game.

Ivan Barbashev made it 2-0 with a big power play for the next five minutes and scored at 5:57 in the first period. At 1:13, William Carrier scored an even goal to make it 3-0, chasing Dallas goalkeeper Jake Ettinger after just 7:10 of ice time.

Finally, backup goaltender Scott Wedgwood, who played on May 13 against the Seattle Kraken, was included in the game.

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