Stanley Cup Finalists: Who Will Win Panthers vs. Golden Knights?

It all boils down to this. The Western Conference champion Vegas Golden Knights and Eastern Conference champion Florida Panthers are ready to meet in the 2023 Stanley Cup Finals.

Who will come home with the most glorious trophy in sports? Here are some picks from the ESPN Hockey Family.

Sean Allen: six panthers
Blake Bolden: six panthers
Brian Boocher: seven golden knights
John Busigros: 6 golden knights
Ryan Callahan: 6 golden knights
Cathy Campbell Pascall: 6 golden knights
Sachin Chandan: six panthers
Chris Chelios: panthers in seven

Ryan S. Clarke: seven golden knights
Linda Cohn: 6 golden knights
Ray Ferraro: 5 Golden Knights
Leah Hextall: six panthers
Emily Kaplan: seven golden knights
Tim Kavanagh: 6 golden knights
Hillary Knight: six panthers
Don La Greca: 6 golden knights
Peter Lawrence-Liddell: 6 golden knights
Steve Levy: panthers in seven
Vince Masi: panthers in seven
Victoria Matthias: panthers in seven
Sean McDonough: seven golden knights
Barry Melrose: 6 golden knights
Mike Monaco: seven golden knights
Arda Ocal: six panthers
Kristen Shilton: six panthers
PK Sabang: panthers in seven
Bob Whitsen: seven golden knights
Greg Wissinski: 6 golden knights

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Consensus prediction: Golden Knights (16 of 28)

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