Spanish women’s race organizers accused of sexism after winners were awarded food processors

women’s race organizer in spain The winner of Sunday’s event was accused of sexism after being awarded a food processor, prompting an apology.

Organizer Madrid Women’s Race 2023 Spain’s secretary of state for equality, Angela Rodriguez Pam, issued an apology on Monday after she criticized online for awarding a food processor to the winner of the race.

Runners at the finish line of the Madrid Women's Race 2023

Serbian twin sisters Ivana Zagorac (c) and Surajana Zagorac (d) and Silvia Rey Veiga (3 Th, (l)). (Carlos Lujan/Europa Press via Getty Images)

Rodriguez Pam tweeted, “If you win, you can be a stay-at-home mom and at least lose weight,” referring to other contestants being fed 0% fat products. .

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“Sorry, but we believe this is a non-sexist product and ideal for athletes who want to improve their nutritional habits,” the organizers said in a statement, adding that the gift would go to race sponsors. He pointed out that it was awarded to the winner by

“I’m sorry if I offended any women.”


Ivana Zagorac crossed the finish line first with a time of 24:07. On social media, she appeared to defend the race and the cause it was meant to attract attention.

“Thank you to the organizers, sponsors and all the women who participated in the race! Uniting to fight violence!” she said in a tweet.

Ivana Zagorac crosses the finish line at the Madrid Women's Race 2023

One of the most popular races on the European calendar, it combines sport and philanthropy, with all runners wearing a pink badge with the number 016, the phone number of an abused woman. wearing a t-shirt (Carlos Lujan/Europa Press via Getty Images)


More than 32,000 women took part in the race, according to organizers. Of that number, more than 50% of the runners were also mothers.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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