Save $750 on this excellent XPS laptop from Dell TNA

Are you looking for a versatile, portable and powerful laptop? This Dell XPS 15 is ideal for work and play.

Once in a while, when we’re looking for student laptop deals, one metaphorically flies across our desk and we have to blink in amazement and immediately write it down.

Climb up to the right, the Dell XPS 15, one of the best student laptops (but also great for coding), and it’s down a whopping $750 off (opens in a new tab) of MSRP directly from Dell itself.

In our 4-star review of the Dell XPS 15 from the 2021 release, we praised its design, power, and display. This updated 2022 model improves on that version in every way and this deal helps alleviate our main issue – price.

Main characteristics: Intel Core i7 processor, InfinityEdge display, excellent Wi-Fi

Product launched: August 2022

Price history: Dell’s offer comfortably beats even Walmart’s lowest price, but it’s worth noting that discerning the best deals can be tricky due to the different Dell XPS configurations.

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Price comparison: Amazon: $1895 (opens in a new tab) | Walmart: $1599 (opens in a new tab) | best buy: $1999.99 (opens in a new tab)

Opinion consensus: The Dell XPS 15 is one of the highest-rated Windows laptops out there, with excellent performance for complex creative tasks and quality game playback on the go. It also offers fantastic battery life and an eye-catching design. The only real caveats are the low quality of the webcam and the price – but this deal makes it much easier to swallow.

TechRadar: ★★★★★ (opens in a new tab) | Tom Guide: ★★★★½ (opens in a new tab) |T3: ★★★★★ (opens in a new tab)

Featured in Guides: Best Student Laptop, Best Laptop for Coding

Buy it if: You want a powerful laptop that can be easily carried around, you’re looking for an OLED display, or you want to play AAA games on the go. You want a MacBook Pro, but with Windows.

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Don’t buy it if: You want macOS, or a sharper resolution – the SKU offered here has a resolution of 1920×1200. There’s also a 720p webcam which isn’t great even at this price.

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