Save $1200 on this amazing Razer Blade laptop TNA

Looking for a powerful laptop for creative projects by day and gaming by night? This Razer Blade 17 can tick all the boxes – and it’s more than a grand cheaper right now on Amazon.

When we look for student laptop deals, we usually err on the side of machines that will help you get the job done, but that doesn’t mean the best student laptops can’t have a bit of grunt to offer. play games when the working day is over, too. Powerful laptops can also be useful for students, especially if you need to tackle resource-intensive tasks like coding and photo/video editing.

With that in mind, we’ve unearthed this awesome Razer Blade 17 deal on Amazon, as part of the retailer’s gaming deals list.

The retailer is offering a 38% discount, bringing the powerful Razer Blade 17 laptop just $1999.99 – that’s a whopping $1200 off its $3199.99 MSRP.

Main characteristics: 17-inch screen, 3070 Ti GPU, vapor chamber cooling.

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Product launched: January 2022

Price history: Although the Razer Blade 17 has been discounted before, this is the first time it’s gone below $2400 for this configuration, making it a huge deal (even though Best Buy has it). equal).

Price comparison: Amazon: $1999.99 | Walmart: $3199.99 | best buy: $1999.99

Opinion consensus: The Razer Blade 17 is a powerful laptop with one real downside: its battery life. If you want to use it as a desktop PC, however, there’s a lot to like – it’s got a sleek design, a great keyboard and it’s quiet too, even when working on huge tasks or the latest games. It doesn’t hurt that the OLED display is gorgeous too.

TechRadar: ★★★★½ | Tom Guide: ★★★½ | T3: ★★★★★

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Buy it if: You want a laptop that offers a beautiful design, near-silent fans and, above all, incredible performance. This configuration will tackle the majority of AAA games.

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Don’t buy it if: You want a battery that will last you all day – the power on offer here requires a fair amount of juice, so you’ll want to be near a wall outlet if you’re working on creative projects.

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