Satin nails are like luxury lingerie for your fingertips

We know that a satin eyeshadow is the perfect compromise between a metallic sheen and a soft wash of color. The same could be said for “satin nails,” which apply the same aesthetic to your fingertips and allow you to jump into the year 2000 the next time you wear that 90s staple: the satin dress. .

The effect, according to the famous nail artist Betina Goldstein, is created by rubbing pearl powder over nail polish and is meant to mimic the shine and texture of real satin. A shortcut is to use a polish that already has a hint of a finely ground shimmer, like Carnation Nail Polish Manicure Or BPR intentions are rose gold.

As with any beauty trend worth its salt, “satin nails,” “satin nail polish,” and “satin fabric nails” are all search terms boasting viral numbers. on TikTok, collectively attracting more than 130 billion views. It’s no wonder, then, that the internet is flooded with nail artists sharing different iterations of the trend, from cool lilac to cozy nude hues, including oyster and copper.

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The satin manicure also recently enjoyed a celebrity moment at the Met Gala. Goldstein overcame a single layer of Chanel Le Vernis in 167 Ballerina with pearl powder for Invent Anna trend-setting actress Julia Garner has won a whole new legion of fans.

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While nail art—think watercolor nails And sunflower nails-is like catnip for manicure maximalists, a satin manicure is a chic alternative for minimalists, especially as wedding season approaches. It’s also great if you want a pearlescent finish but aren’t ready for vanilla chrome nails or opalescent pearlescent nails.

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