Red Sox’s brutal defensive failure leads to Rays’ Little League home run

A Little League home run is always fun to watch…when it hits a recreational field.

The Boston Red Sox didn’t laugh when a timely error sent Yandi Diaz’s RBI going around the bases on Sunday afternoon’s matinee against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Manuel Margot pitched 1-2 in the top of the 6th inning, and Diaz drove a perfect hit-and-run into the second-base hole after Boston’s Emmanuel Valdez broke the batted ball. by stealing.


Yandi Diaz Swing

Yandi Diaz of the Tampa Bay Rays hits a single in the sixth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston on June 4, 2023. (Gallen Morse/Getty Images)

Margot pulled it off near the bases and seemed to catch the home Red Sox off guard. Outfielder Alex Verdugo put the ball in for Valdez, but Valdez came too late trying to throw Margot out at home.

At that moment, catcher Connor Wong got up and tried to throw Diaz, who was running to second base on Valdez’s throw. The throw was brutal, however, as the off-balance attempt stayed out of the bag and tumbled into center field.

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Another problem was that after center fielder Jalen Durán hit Diaz’s first hit, Verdugo missed the ball before it reached center field, even though he wasn’t even in center field at the time.

Manuel Margot high fives with Yandi Diaz

After scoring in the bottom of the sixth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston on June 4, 2023, he high-fives No. 13 Manuel Margot and Yandy Diaz of the Tampa Bay Rays. (Gallen Morse/Getty Images)

As Duran chased the ball that kept rolling toward the fence, Diaz waltzed around the bases and scored a Little League home run. And at Fenway Park, as expected, the Red Sox followers weren’t happy.

Diaz, who is not credited with hitting a home run in a series of blunders, scored on Margot’s single. He ended the Rays’ 6–2 win with two hits for five and one run.


With the win, the Rays improved their MLB record to 42-19 this season.

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