One of two Philadelphia prison inmates who escaped unnoticed is captured

One of two inmates who escaped from a Philadelphia jail last weekend in an escape that went unnoticed for nearly 19 hours was taken into custody on Thursday, an official said. the police.

Nasir Grant, 24, was captured by the US Marshals Service on Thursday evening and was being processed, said Frank Vanore, deputy commissioner of investigations for the Philadelphia Police Department.

Additional details of the capture were not immediately available.

The location of a second inmate, Ameen Hurst, 18, remained unclear.

Ameen Hurst.
Ameen Hurst.Philadelphia Department of Prisons via AP

Grant was imprisoned for criminal conspiracy, firearms violation and drug trafficking. Hurst was charged with two counts of murder.

The couple, who were housed in the same unit but in different cells, escaped through a hole in a fence in the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center’s recreation yard at 8.30pm on Sunday, a prison official said earlier. this week.

Security video showed them cutting the hole.

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The official, Philadelphia Commissioner of Prisons Blanche Carney, said no alarms were raised by the escape and staff members patrolling the area were not there.

Detainees were mistakenly counted during the head count at 11 p.m., 3 a.m. and 7 a.m., Carney said, adding that authorities did not learn they left until 3 p.m. Monday.

Carney said an investigation will determine how the breach and miscalculation occurred.

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