Nikola Jokic passes the ball to Matt Ishbia in a playful pre-match moment

DENVER — Nikola Jokic and Matt Ishbier met again courtside before Game 5 on Tuesday night. But this time, the Denver Nuggets star handed the basketball to the Phoenix Suns owner with a friendly handshake and a warm hug.

After Jokic finished his pre-match warm-up and left the floor, he made his way courtside to where Ishubia was sitting. Jokic held out a basketball and playfully threw it at Ishubia. The two shook hands, and Jokic hugged Ishbia and patted him on the back.

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On Monday, Jokic was fined $25,000 for nudging a Suns owner while trying to retrieve the ball in the crowd in Game 4 on Sunday. Crew chief Tony Brothers said Jokić was called for a technical foul for “intentionally” pushing Ishbia during the match.

After the Suns’ Game 4 win, Jokic was about to do what Jokic used to do: grab the ball and try to inbound it quickly in hopes of giving the Nuggets an advantage when Ishbia took over the basketball. He explained that he was holding a Jokic also said Ishbia got his hands on him first, which led to Jokic pushing back.

“It’s old news,” Denver manager Michael Malone said before Game 5 when asked about Jokic’s $25,000 fine.

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