Missouri student suspended after reporting teacher used racial slurs

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri high school sophomore who videotaped a teacher using a racial slur during class has been suspended for three days.

Mary Walton, a student at Glendale High School in Springfield, said she was told Friday that she would not be allowed back to school until Wednesday because she violated the district’s policy on inappropriate use of electronic devices, the Springfield News-Leader reported. reported.

The teacher, whose name has not been released, was placed on paid administrative leave after using the racial slur Tuesday.

Walton said the teacher used the racial slur six times, two of which were caught on her video. Walton wasn’t sure what prompted the exchange, but she said the teacher asked some of her classmates why they were allowed to use the slur, but he didn’t.

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Walton sent the video to his mom and shared it with a friend. Walton said he didn’t upload it, but it spread “very, very fast.”

Glendale Principal Josh Groves said in a message to school employees and families that the comments expressed in the video were inappropriate and did not meet the Springfield District’s professional standards.

District officials said they could not comment on the disciplinary actions of the students.

Welborn said he understands the district doesn’t want students to take “watchdog” recordings of any minor infractions by teachers, but he said this teacher’s actions need to come to light.

“What you are tacitly doing is discouraging students from reporting every time a teacher does something outrageous,” he said.

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