Meghan Markle wearing a graphic t-shirt for an important reason

As Kate Middleton continues to embrace skinny jeans, Meghan Markle dresses up for California hikes and to support important causes.

May 12, Alliance of Moms Co-founder Kelly McKee Zajfen paid tribute to the Duchess of Sussex for her support of pregnant youngsters and adoptive parents. In the Instagram photo, Markle wears a “white”Community motherhood» T-shirt with a cream cardigan tied around the neck. Her hair was worn in loose waves with face-framing layers.

“As Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but think of my own motherhood #COMMUNITY. Instantly think of you Meg,” Zajifen wrote in the instagram caption. “How incredibly nurturing, warm and open you are. What an amazing friend and mother. I am truly in awe of you and so grateful that you are part of my #CommUNITYofmotherhood.

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She continued, “You are always the first to say yes and support those you love. You are a strong advocate for those in need. Please join this year’s campaign to support young parents and prospective foster parents in Los Angeles, which helps provide essential services, education, resources and advocacy so they can build a future. best for themselves and their families.

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Meghan Markle and Kelly McKee Zajfen’s sports shirt in the photo is in progress sold for $40 in honor of Mother’s Day and National Foster Care Awareness Month. According their websiteProceeds will go towards the Mums Alliance’s mission to provide “essential services, education, resources and advocacy so that young foster parents and their children can heal and thrive.”

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