Lizzo woke up to the assumption that tall people exercise to ‘escape the fat’

Lizzo doesn’t buy into the weight loss culture that encourages “escaping the fat,” and neither should you.

On Monday, the “Juice” singer sewed a TikTok from the creator @tiffriahgrande which dealt with the experiences of obese people in the fitness world, particularly the judgments of viewers who assume their only fitness goal is to lose weight. It’s not, and Lizzo had a lot to add to the conversation.

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In her video, @tiffriahgrande says a fat person should be able to exercise without assuming they’re trying to be thin. This line resonated with the founder of Yitty, and she boldly echoed it. “Heavy on not trying to escape the grease. Fuck heavy on it,” she said in her stitched video.

She added: “I think a lot of people see a fat person that way and immediately assume that all they’re doing is being thin. I’m not trying to be thin. I never want to be thin.

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Lizzo explains how physically demanding her “high performance” job is, but points out that she never tries to lose weight, even when she’s on stage dancing, singing and playing the flute for 90 minutes. Instead, she calls her approach to fitness “holistic” and careful to avoid the expression concerned about their health, which has long been used to denigrate people’s weight under the guise of expressing concern for their health.

“Accepting that your body is changing is part of it, and making sure that [the mind] is what we have power over. Everything I eat, everything I do, every time I move my body is for [my mind and happiness].”

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More than anything, Lizzo wants to crush the narrative that fat people only work out to lose weight.

“I just wanted to put this together to show you my support because this creator specifically said I was looking for people I can resonate with. Very, very same.

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