Lizzo responds to anti-fat tweets

Lizzo responds to anti-fat tweets

Pop song sensation Lizzo has responded to the onslaught of anti-fat comments she receives daily.

In a series of now private tweets, Lizzo replied: Again, to the discourse around his body. In particular, she addressed this Tweeter:

“I just logged into this app and this is the kind of shit I see on me on a daily basis,” she began. “It’s really starting to make me hate the world.”

Lizzo, who unfortunately is no stranger to having to defend herself and her body, then said, “I’m sick of explaining myself all the time, and I just want to access this app without seeing my name in bullshit.”

Lizzo then responded to another tweet claiming her body size was “her brand”. Lizzo said, “I’m not trying to be fat. I’m not trying to be smaller. I’m literally trying to live and be healthy.”

Lizzo then noted how she was constantly criticized no matter what she did: “I’ve always led [with] my TALENT… But when I dropped ‘Good As Hell’, the feel-good music was ‘cheesy'”.

“Love sure doesn’t outweigh hate on social media…all because I’m fat???? This is CRAZY,” she tweeted.

Lizzo ended with, “You have no idea how close I am to giving up on everyone and stopping and enjoying my money and my man on a FUCKING FARM…”

The talk surrounding Lizzo’s body seems to never stop, as these tweets came even after Lizzo spoke about the anti-fat comments during her acceptance speech at the 2022 MTV VMAs. “’Lizzo, why don’t you clap?’ she asked rhetorically. “Because, bitch, I win, bitch!” »

And, BTW, being fat certainly doesn’t mean being unhealthy. Clearly people need to learn to be nice and not make unsolicited comments about anyone’s body, regardless of shape and size.

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