Lance Reddick leading star in “The Wire” and “John Wick” passed away at age 60

Lance Reddick leading star, a well-known performer who rose to prominence as a police chief on the Baltimore crime drama “The Wire” and later had significant parts in the “John Wick” film series and the Amazon series “Bosch,” passed away at age 60 on Friday. His publicist, Mia Hansen, verified his passing. She omitted to mention the place or reason for his death.

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Reddick started as an actor in New York City, He was having some success as a stage actor, in 1996, he played small roles in “New York Undercover,” “The West Wing” and other television series, as well as some TV movies. Where he was cast in several theatrical productions, including the off-Broadway version of Macbeth. He made his acting debut on television in the HBO crime thriller Oz in 1998, playing the part of Johnny Basil.

Reddick’s breakthrough performance came in the highly praised television series “The Wire” in 2002 when he was chosen to play Cedric Daniels, a police lieutenant. The Baltimore-based program investigated the intricate interplay between politicians, law enforcement, and the drug trade. Because of the depth and sincerity of his act, Reddick won over many fans.

The five-season show is credited with elevating police dramas and television in general to a new degree of sophistication.

lance redddick
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He played Phillip Broyles, a Homeland Security investigator, on the Fox science fiction series “Fringe,” which debuted in 2008. He played a police officer in the crime thriller “Bosch,” which aired from 2014 to 2021. He played the deputy chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the 2013 film “White House Down,” a drama about an attack on the White House.

In 2014, Reddick was cast in the title character of John Luther in the Amazon Prime series Bosch, which was adapted from one of Michael Connelly’s best-selling books. The 2015 television series centers on an investigator who works for the Los Angeles Police Department. Reddick’s portrayal was praised for its intensity and depth of feeling once more.

lance reddick
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Mr. Reddick was a distinct, immediately recognized presence in all of those roles, even if he was not a household name. His voice was also distinct, as fans of Horizon Zero Dawn, Destiny 2, and other video games where he could be heard will confirm.

Lance Solomon Reddick was born in Baltimore on June 7, 1962. His mother was an instrumental music teacher, and his father was a teacher who subsequently became a public defender.

Reddick was a talented musician in addition to his acting profession. Contemplations & Remembrances (2007) and The Book of Form and Emptiness (2021) are two albums that highlight his abilities as a composer and performer.

Mr. Reddick stated in a 2010 interview with The Miami Herald that one of his smaller roles, a cameo on “Law & Order,” stuck out for him in particular.


Before being cast in “The Wire,” he stated, “I had to acquire the Sierra Leonean accent for a role I had in 2001 as an army captain from Sierra Leone. That remains my best and most proudly represented character to this day.

At the time of his death, Mr. Reddick was engaged in several projects, one of which was a revised edition of “The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial.”

His wife Stephanie Reddick, daughter Yvonne Nicole Reddick, and son Christopher Reddick all outlive him.

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Reddick has received numerous nominations for awards throughout his career in recognition of his exceptional performances, including those for the Screen Actors Guild Award, the NAACP Image Award, and the Black Reel Award.

Lance Reddick was a versatile and talented actor who made a significant impact on the entertainment industry through his work in television, film, and music.

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