Kevin McCarthy ally Garret Graves says speakership ‘absolutely safe’ despite GOP fury on debt limit

A House Republican negotiator and ally of Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Sunday he believed hardliners at the conference would not oust the president despite conservatives furious over the debt-limiting deal with the President Biden.

“I’ll tell you right now, President McCarthy’s position is absolutely safe,” Rep. Garret Graves, Republican of Louisiana, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “He’s going to continue to win victories for the country, changing the direction of Washington and being more representative of the priorities of Americans across the country.”

A number of conservatives, particularly those in the House Freedom Caucus, like the group’s chairman, Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, have vowed there will be “a settling of scores” when the dust will fall from Congress narrowly passing the bipartisan agreement. to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a first default.

Hardliners in both parties said too many concessions had been made, with conservatives saying the White House came out on top by avoiding deep budget cuts proposed by Republicans.

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In order to secure the speaker’s gavel, Mr McCarthy gave up a power that makes it easier for any member to make a motion to leave office.

“I have no doubt his position is secure, and we will continue to move forward, continuing to build on the historic victories he was able to achieve this year,” Mr Graves said.

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