Judge halts New York City’s plans to dump migrants on neighboring county

Rockland County, New York, said it won a restraining order Thursday, stopping New York City from trying to tax illegal immigrants into the GOP-led jurisdiction.

A state judge has ruled Mayor Eric Adams’ bus plans on hold while the parties make their case.

Rockland County says the Democratic mayor is trying to offload his migrant problem on them by illegally turning a hotel into a homeless shelter. They said he had not followed the rules to allow such shelter.

“New York City does not have the authority to establish a sanctuary outside of its boundaries in addition to failing to follow the New York State rules and regulations required to do so,” the district attorney said. Rockland County, Thomas Humbach.

The temporary restraining order prevents the mayor’s team from transferring migrants into the county for housing purposes.

Rockland said sheriff’s deputies will still be posted outside the hotel to prevent any New York shenanigans.

The fight is the latest fallout from the crisis on the border, where unfathomable numbers of illegal immigrants are pouring in and the Biden administration is catching and releasing many of them.

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As migrants spread across the country, they constitute overwhelming jurisdictions beyond the US-Mexico border. Chicago declared a state of emergency this week and New York weakened its housing rights law to prevent city services from being overburdened.

Mr Adams has complained that border states are dumping migrants on him.

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