Jennifer Lawrence Just Broke a Cardinal Fashion Rule and Looked Great Doing It

Jennifer Lawrence certainly has a thing for controversial shoes.

Remember when she walked around New York in a pair of $820 slippers that did absolutely nothing to protect her toes from the harsh pavement below? Well, it looks like she’s gone for a much cheaper and more practical shoe for her normal walks.

On June 2, the 32-year-old hunger games star was seen crossing the road in the West Village wearing what appear to be a pair of Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides, which currently costs $35. However, she made sure we still had something to talk about by pairing the sandals with their nemesis, a pair of black socks. Of course, what is generally considered a stereotypical tourist faux pas still looks cool on J.Law.

The rest of her look lived up to athleisure 101, with Lawrence elevating her simple black leggings and t-shirt with a sleek black baseball cap and semi-chunky gold chain. She’s forgone a purse in favor of holding her phone in one hand and a carton of paper water in the other because she’s clearly an enduring woman on the go.

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Jennifer Lawrence is seen in New York on June 02, 2023.


The outing comes less than a month after Jennifer Lawrence chose comfort over dress code at the Cannes Film Festival. On May 21, the Oscar-winning actor landed on the Croisette in a crimson Christian Dior couture dress with a ruffled bust and corseted bodice, an elegant shawl draped over his arms. She paired the look with a diamond choker and an equally stylish pair of basic black flip flops.

Alright, so she put on the sandals after walking most of the red carpet for the premiere of Anatomy of a fall in stunning red heels, but this photo is always in the mood:

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