Jamie Foxx’s daughter announces the couple will host a musical game show

Jamie Foxx recovers after “medical complication”

Jamie Foxx is on the mend after ‘medical complication’, family says


Monday, Corrine Foxx confirmed on Instagram that she and her father, actor Jamie Foxx, will host the guessing game show “We Are Family” starting in 2024.

The announcement came days after she addressed her father’s condition following a “medical complication” last month.

“Verified WE ARE FAMILY in 2024! The Foxx family is coming home to @foxtv and we can’t wait for this new show!” Corrine Foxx wrote under the image of an article announcing the game show.

Just a few days ago she shared an update about the 55-year-old actor’s health on Instagram, after reports surfaced online that his condition had worsened.

On her Instagram Story, Corrine shared another account’s post reporting that Foxx’s loved ones were “preparing for the worst.” In an effort to debunk that, she wrote: “My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks recovering. He was actually playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support!”

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The account removed the report and Corrine’s story has since disappeared, but Entertainment Tonight got screenshots.

Rumors about Foxx’s condition have continued to spread even though he did a public statement on her Instagram earlier this month.

In his first statement after his hospitalization in April, Foxx wrote: “I appreciate all the love! I feel blessed”, followed by a series of emojis of praying hands, a heart and a fox.

Foxx broke his silence three weeks after his daughter said in a statement that her father had been admitted to hospital for an undisclosed condition.

“Thankfully, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery,” Corrine Foxx wrote on Instagram. “We know how loved she is and we appreciate her prayers.”

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