Introduced high school basketball, free throw and foul rule changes

The National Federation of High School Associations has announced changes to its free throw and foul rules for the upcoming basketball season. on release.

Teams would hit two free throws for common fouls in the “bonus” case, which used to be 1-1.

The rules for awarding bonuses will also change. Previously, a team was awarded 1 if he committed 7 fouls in the first half against the opposing team. Going forward, he reaches the bonus with 5 fouls during the quarter, with fouls resetting at the end of each quarter.

“The Rules Commission has studied data showing high rebounding injury rates and saw this as an opportunity to reduce opportunities for rough play on rebounds,” said the NFHS sports director and liaison with the Basketball Rules Commission. Lindsay Atkinson, who serves as “In addition, resetting fouls after each quarter improves the flow of the game and allows teams to adjust their play by not carrying foul totals into the second and fourth quarters.”

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A few other minor rules were also changed or modified, such as the placement of the official shot clock at the scorers table and the establishment of uniform bottoms and undershirts rules.

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