How to upgrade potions in Diablo 4

Potions are the essential health item in each Diablo game. These mysterious potions can save you from the brink of death with a single sip if you’re quick enough. Instead of allowing you to fill up your inventory with them like some other RPGs, Diablo 4 keeps your potions sealed but allows you to make them more potent. This will be important as you level up and the enemies you encounter begin to gain larger and larger chunks of health with each hit. If you want to keep up with the damage, enter Diablo 4you need to know how to upgrade your potions.

Looking at a list of potion upgrades in an alchemist shop.

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How to upgrade potions

When you arrive at the first major town of Kyovashad, you will find several shops that are currently unavailable. One of these will be the Alchemist shop run by Veroka.

Step 1: Complete any activity, such as main quests, side missions, world events or dungeons, to gain enough experience to reach level 10.

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Step 2: When you are at level 10, you will be notified of a new quest called “Healing Potion Upgrading” you can start at the Alchemist.

Step 3: Travel back to Kyovashad and talk to Veroka.

Step 4: Select the option “I want to increase the strength of my healing potions”.

Step 5: She will explain the process and open up to Upgrade potion menu.

Step 6: As long as you have at least 2 Gallowvines, you can upgrade your Weak Healing Potion to Tiny Healing Potion to increase the initial amount of health, as well as how much healing it does over time.

You can upgrade your health potion every 10 levels you gain, but will only be directed to Alchemist this first time, so remember to go back and upgrade your potion manually. Each level will not only cost more materials, but also a greater variety of them, so make sure you collect all of these plants as you travel around the Sanctuary.

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If you want to increase how many potions you can hold, it is done by increasing your fame in each region.

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