How to get the Master Sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There are very few cases of one Zelda games that do not include the Master Sword. Even in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which features dozens of weapons to find and fuse, this iconic sword was surely included somewhere. While Link begins the game with it, it will be lost to you after Ganondorf damages it. Finding it is much harder than it used to be The Wild Spirit, and will require some work before you are deemed worthy of performing it. How to recover the Master Sword i The tears of the kingdom.

Link gliding over a glowing dragon.

How to get the Master Sword

In contrast to i The Wild Spirit, the Master Sword is not just hidden away in a hidden area this time. This time the sword is mobile, making it much harder to find.

Step 1: The optional step here is to start the associated mission by talking to the Deku Tree after clearing the Great Hyrule Forest, but it’s not required. This helps quite a bit as it constantly shows you the location of the sword on your map.

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Step 2: Either way, find and reach the light dragon flying over Hyrule. Unlike other dragons, the Light Dragon is mostly white and gold and has a blue stripe coming from its head.

Step 3: There are several methods to get on top of the Light Dragon, but a simple and easy one is to fast travel to the nearest Skyview Tower once you’ve spotted it, ride up to it, and then paraglide to it.

Step 4: No matter how you mount it, go to the head and approach the Master Sword in the dragon.

Step 5: Instead of draining your health again, Link needs at least two full stamina wheels to finally remove the Legendary Blade. Hold the button down long enough and the sword is yours!

Link holding the master sword in the clouds.

Just like The Wild SpiritThe Master Sword runs on energy, so once it’s damaged, you just have to wait for it to recharge.

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