How to get a mount in Diablo 4

To be called a wanderer in Diablo 4 is highly appropriate. You’ll travel all over the massive map to complete quests, enter dungeons, and just generally explore the region. Your character can run at a decent pace, but it won’t be long before you’ve expanded the edges of your map so far that even the useful fast travel points won’t be enough to get you where you want to be fast. enough. A bracket comes in handy for that. You’ll find a stable during the opening hours of the game, but it will take much longer than that before you can actually set it up yourself. Here’s everything you need to do to get a mount in Diablo 4.

How to get a fitting

Although you reach your first stable when you arrive in Kyovashad, interacting with it will inform you that you cannot actually buy a horse. First, you need to do quite a bit of adventuring on foot.

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Step 1: Continue through the main story quests until you get to Act 2.

A horse in a stable in Diablo 4.

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Step 2: During this act, complete the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest, which you can get in Eldhaime Keep in Scosglen.

Step 3: After completing the mission, you can visit a stable in any city and talk to the owner.

Step 4: Buy the horse of your choice and any bardings or trophies you wish to decorate them with.

When you have a horse, you can call your mount by pressing right on the d-pad or Z on your keyboard to drive to your destination that much faster!

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