House Republicans probe Bank of America cooperation with FBI, DOJ investigation into Jan. 6 protest

House Republicans are calling on Bank of America to come clean on whether it shared customer information with federal investigators investigating the events of January 6, 2021.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, chairman of the State Administrative, Regulatory Reform, and Antitrust Subcommittee, sent a letter Thursday to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan asking him to share documents related to the company’s cooperation with the FBI and the Department of Justice.

“The Federal Judiciary Committee and Select Subcommittee on Militarization monitor the Federal Bureau of Investigation … and its receipt of information about U.S. citizens from private entities,” the letter said. “An FBI whistleblower disclosed that shortly after the events on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, Bank of America…provided the FBI – voluntarily and without any legal process – with a list of individuals who had conducted transactions in Washington, DC, metro area with a BoA credit or debit card between January 5 and January 7, 2021.”

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The letter highlighted testimony from retired FBI surveillance intelligence analyst George Hill, who said Bank of America compiled a list of customers who used their debit and credit card transactions at that time. and bought a gun.

“This testimony is alarming,” Mr. Jordan and Mr. Massie wrote. “According to veteran FBI employees, BoA provided, without any legal process, private financial information about Americans to the nation’s most powerful law enforcement entity.”

They added: “This information appears to have had no individualized connection to any particular criminal conduct, but was instead a data dump of BoA’s client transactions over a three-day period. This information undoubtedly included private details of BoA clients that had nothing to do with the events of January 6. Worse, the BoA specifically provided information about Americans who exercised their Second Amendment right to purchase a gun.

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