Giant Red Spoon Stolen from Dairy Queen Spoon Found in Phoenix

Phoenix – Phoenix “Pokémon GO” players You’ve ended your search for the dairy queen’s approximately 15-foot-tall red spoon. A week ago in Phoenix.

According to the Associated Press, 52-year-old Michael Foster was playing a smartphone-based game Monday morning when he stumbled upon a giant spoon around 7 a.m.

“The first thing I did was send a picture to my wife and she said ‘It’s a spoon’. She said, ‘Call the police,'” Foster told The Associated Press.

Phoenix police said they received a call that the cutlery was found around 8 a.m. near a local middle school, just two miles from where it was stolen.

The school janitor came and pushed the spoon over the fence surrounding the school baseball field. Foster called the police and turned it over.

This undated image courtesy of Raman and Puja Kalra shows the Dairy Queen franchise restaurant in Phoenix with a 15-foot-tall red spoon.  The owner is still puzzled and slightly amused as to why someone stole the giant red spoon that adorned the restaurant.

“I put it down. Foster told The Associated Press that he actually lifted it after we climbed over the fence.” “They tied it to the top of a police cruiser.”

Police said the search for those who stole the spoon was still ongoing. Silent Witness has announced a $1,000 cash reward to anyone who provides information to help apprehend a suspect.

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According to police, in the early morning of March 25, three men stole a $3,500 decorative red spoon in front of the Dairy Queen. According to police, the three loosened bolts on the floor of the facility and took the top off its anchors.

This photo provided by Michael Foster shows a Phoenix police officer strapping a 15-foot red spoon to a police cruiser in Phoenix on Monday, April 3, 2023.  Foster found a giant red spoon while playing Pokemon GO.  He was stolen from Arizona Dairy Queen on March 25 and caused a mystery on social media.

The location’s owner offered a free Blizzard treat to anyone who helped return the spoon, but Foster told the AP that no reward was required.

“Honestly, we’re glad they got the spoon back,” he said.

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