Get the perfect pedicure at home with these affordable products recommended by nail professionals

As the weather warms, pants turn into shorts, long sleeves turn into tank tops, and waterproof winter boots turn into cute strappy sandals. If you’re planning on showing your feet to the world or have a sunny vacation on the calendar, you’re probably in dire need of a pedicure.

However, before making an appointment at your local salon, be aware that nail blogger And manicure at home Amanda Belle says it’s easy to make your feet look stylish without ever leaving the house. “I like to encourage others to tinker with theirs home manicure/pedicure“Bella told HuffPost.

For Bella, at-home pedicures can also be a great way to maintain smooth, polished feet between salon visits. Instead of paying for a professional pedicure each time, you can complete your journeys with a little DIY action.

Bella and other nail care experts have outlined step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect pedicure yourself, while recommending several products under $20 that will help you achieve professional results.

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