Get 8 games a month for just $12 with Humble Choice Premium

Whether you’re an avid gamer or just a fan, having a variety of games to choose from is never a bad thing. The Humble Bundle makes it easy to stock up on lots of PC games. From first-person shooters to cozy forest games, you can play 8 games per month for $12 per month. Humble Choice Premium.

When you sign up for Humble Choice, you’ll receive a monthly collection of PC games you can own forever. But you don’t just get 8 games, you get exclusive access to the Humble Games Collection and up to 20% off the Humble Store. check out bundle of the month.

When you purchase something from the Humble Bundle, you receive a key that can be used on platforms such as Steam, GOG, the Ubisoft Connect desktop app, and more. I personally like the Humble Bundle, so I’ve bought various bundles. Ten years later, across devices and platforms, there are still games you can access and play. The Humble Bundle also exposed me to games I wouldn’t normally buy but enjoyed playing nonetheless, and piqued my interest in indie games I didn’t even know existed.

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Another cool thing about the Humble Bundle is that you get to choose where your money goes. Outside of the monthly subscription (5% of the subscription fee is donated to charity), you can choose how much you pay for a game or bundle, as well as how much of your payment goes to charity. Since 2010, Humble Bundle has chosen a charity to give to each month, and the Humble community has donated over $200 million.

Amendment, 11 April: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated how many games subscribers could access each month with Humble Choice Premium. You can get 8 games per month.

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