Get $150 off the MacBook Air M2 – the perfect student laptop TNA

The M2 MacBook Air is a near-perfect all-rounder laptop, and Amazon’s offering is back.

The MacBook Air M2 is thin, has great battery life, and plenty of power, making it an ideal choice for one of the best laptops for students. It’s also our pick for the best MacBook for students.

That’s because while the MacBook Pro is more powerful, it’s also a bit bulkier and significantly more expensive – and the MacBook Air is even cheaper with this deal at Amazon.

The retailer offers $150 off two different versions of the MacBook Air M2 (opens in a new tab)with the cheapest model now at just $1049 – that’s almost as low as the M1 version which has an older design.

If you need more storage, the 512GB version costs $1349, which is a must for anyone looking to use it as a family computer.

Even after the Apple Silicon transition, it was hard to recommend the MacBook Air M1 due to its dated design – it even had a 720p webcam.

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Fortunately, 2022 has seen the long-awaited glow, which means the MacBook Air is just as portable (weighing just 2.7 pounds), but is now much nicer to look at – it even comes in a gorgeous midnight color. (although it’s a bit of a fingerprint magnet).

If you can use the increased storage, we recommend it because 256GB likely won’t last long if you’re using large files, installing a load of apps, or storing a large library of photos.

These are things you’ll want to do too, because the MacBook Air M2 is incredibly powerful for such a thin device, and the battery life is also fantastic, thanks to the M2’s power efficiency and the way it does not need throttle power when on battery power.

In our shine MacBook Air M2 Reviewwe said:

“Apple finally overhauled the MacBook Air in an impressive way, and in doing so created an Apple Silicon machine for just about everyone.”

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