DHS announces curfew for some illegal immigrants out on catch-and-release

The Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday that it will impose a curfew on illegal immigrant parents who jump the border with children and are arrested and released inside the country to await their immigration records.

Families will not be detained, but heads of families will be subject to ankle surveillance and forced to observe curfew, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.

The goal is to try to encourage families to show up for their eviction hearings.

The program will be tested in four cities, ICE said.

Those who do not participate in the new program will face additional non-custodial registration requirements.

Corey A. Price, head of ICE’s detention and deportation unit, said the goal was to create a “safe and humane” way to encourage migrants to follow through with their cases. immigration.

“Like single adults, non-citizens traveling with their children who do not have a legal basis to remain in the United States will be promptly deported and barred from re-entry for at least five years,” he said.

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History suggests that is not the case.

According to Homeland Security data, of the nearly 700,000 family migrants who arrived illegally in 2018 and 2019, nearly 95% were still in the United States last year.

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