Democratic congressman to force House vote to expel GOP’s George Santos

Kicking Rep. George Santos out of the U.S. House would take a big chunk of GOP votes with all Democrats, but a California congressman is betting his colleagues on both sides of the aisle have had their fix of the New Republican. Scandal-ridden York.

Representative Robert Garcia on Tuesday raised a privileged resolution calling for a vote on the expulsion of Mr. Santos, who was indicted in New York last week on fraud and money laundering charges related to an alleged misuse of campaign donations .

House rules allow a member to bring a preferred resolution for a member’s expulsion, which forces a vote in the chamber over objections from the majority leadership.

With the unanimous support of his fellow Democrats, Mr. Garcia would need at least 77 Republican votes to pass his resolution — a high bar given that ousting Mr. Santos would whittle away at an already wafer-thin GOP majority in the election. Bedroom.

The House has expelled only two members in recent decades — Rep. Michael J. “Ozzie” Myers, Democrat of Pennsylvania, in 1980 and Rep. James Traficant, Democrat of Ohio, in 2002 — and both votes took place after the legislator had been condemned at the federal level. charges.

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Chairman Kevin McCarthy said a decision on Mr Santos would have to wait until after a verdict in the criminal case.

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