Bringing Glamor to Campus: A Conversation with Editor-in-Chief Samantha Barry

Charm is causing a stir on campuses across the country with its new initiative, Charm on the campus. On April 27, students filled the Eisner & Lubin Auditorium at New York University’s Kimmel Center for University Life for the first Charm on the Campus event. Co-hosted with NYU’s largest student organization, Program advice, the fireside chat was moderated by Piper Elizabeth Page, a senior graduate. The event started with Charmby Americas Managing Editor Samantha Barry, and was attended by a panel of Charm composed of Alexandra Folino, artistic director, Ruhama Wolle, editor-in-chief of special projects, and Monique Wilson, editorial assistant. The conversation, focused on understanding what drives culture, covered everything from Charm‘s By Women package to its ability to connect with the younger generation.

During the Q&A session with Barry, a freshman linguistics student asked if Charm could further present the perspective of “young professionals” in the media.

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Barry pointed out that Charm has a long history of speaking to young people, dating back to 1941 when the magazine changed its slogan to “For the girl with a job”. She mentioned that Charm has published service articles in the past, such as tips for making friends with co-workers or what to wear to the office. Barry also expressed that Charm is considering reintroducing this type of content, as starting your first job can be daunting.

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Charm on Campus aims to connect with students by learning about the issues they care about, the celebrities they look up to, and the trends they follow closely. By doing this, Charm aims to build relationships with universities across the country and stay in touch with student interests.

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