Bison lick wounds after traumatic experience TNA

Photographs of common wound licking by (a) an adult female and an adult male bison (Bison bison) and (b) an adult male bison, on two different GPS collared bison in northeastern British Columbia, Australia. Canada, September 28, 2022.

A bison licking the wound of another bison in British Columbia, Canada

TS Jung

American bison have been observed licking each other’s wounds, a stress-reducing behavior previously undocumented in a hoofed mammal.

When animals sustain injuries, licking is often the first line of defense for wound care. Licking a laceration or puncture can remove infection-causing debris and help wounds heal faster. The saliva of some animals – including humans – has antibacterial properties and promotes tissue and nerve regrowth.

Although female bison have been observed grooming unrelated calves, reports of…

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