Bangs: Unruly Bangs met their match with this viral TikTok hack

Few things are more satisfying than bangs that give off major French girl vibes and then end up in that exact position hours later. The “glue bangs” hack, which racked up 69.1 million views on ICT Tacpromises exactly these results every time, even on windy days or after dancing on tables until 2 a.m.

Bangs are said to be like a frame for the face, and it’s hard not to covet them when celebrities like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Jenna Ortega wear them so well.

As we fast forward to summer, they’re definitely scratching that itch for a cool cut, but they’re not easy to style. Bangs take time and effort to put in place every morning, and few keep their shape faithfully all day. So this frame can feel a little, well, disheveled after encountering a gust of wind. So is glue hacking the answer?

TikTokers say yes. The idea is that you use a small application of eyelash glue to secure the tips of your bangs to your forehead. In her tutorial on glue strokes, the designer @ravioli_nicoli She can be seen curling her grown-up bangs with an individual roller before applying a thin line of clear eyelash glue to her brows and laying the brow-skimming hairs over it.

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In another video, Emily Elizabeth, aka @eggdressesupreveals how she applies a few dots of eyelash glue down the center of her forehead and along her brow bone, then glues her front bangs hair to those exact spots, leaving the side pieces free.

She then uses a hair dryer to test the method and says, “Honestly, I’m impressed” and that “I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary other than my normal hair laying on my face.” Emily, however, cautioned her comments, saying, “I think it definitely works better for people who have thinner bangs or less hair in their bangs than me.”

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